27 Jan 2015

The CCG provides a local telephone number (311 or 706-653-4000) and the online form below
for the initiation of service requests.  Service requests can be made for a variety of city services
including potholes, street lights, drainage problems, missed garbage pickup, etc.

Please complete and submit the complaint form below.
This information will be sent to the 311 Citizens Service Center.
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     example: The intersection of 9th Street and 1st Avenue.


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*   Please describe the City Service you are requesting and/or the
     problem that you are reporting.
     example: Request city owned tree trim, report clogged storm drain,
     request a recycling bin, etc.


*   If the request and/or problem described above concerns a street light,
     please select the electric company that provides the service if available.


*   Please click on the Browse button below to attach a file to this complaint.


"Quality People Providing Quality Service"